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About me


I'm a pointingdog enthusiastic born in 1976 in Raahe. I had been dreaming about my own dog since I was a little girl, and finally, in 2003 I got my first (red) Irish Setter who goes by the name Tono. At the moment I live together with my partner Jari near Raahe- in small town of Piehenki - so totally in the countryside. We have fields and forrests arround us, so it's a good place to live with hunting dogs. I work at the Rautaruukki Oyj. I have always liked all kind of animals, and the main problem when I was a child, was that my mom had bad allergy. So we could not keep any animals, so I spend most of my freetime taking care and training Finnhorses at the race horse stable near by. Still the horses are important to me: I try to get at least ones a week for a westernriding class teached by Katja Vanhatalo & Co. (



My first "grey ghost" came to my home in the year 2007, after that I was totally hooked. My own coal was to get the weimaraner working in practical hunting. Elli has done me proud in this area, even though she won't show her best hunting in the hunting exams, the most importand thing for me is that she works nicely in the real hunting. Weimaraners are bred for being a hunting dogs, they have to have the opportunity to practice this! This is why I won't sell my puppies if people are not willing to hunt with them.
Now adays we have also one red one, finnish spitz called "Iivari" (Illansuun Iivari)